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 Berichttitel: Bosuil ervaringen
BerichtGeplaatst: 03 apr 2024, 15:50 

Geregistreerd: 25 feb 2024, 20:28
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Dag mede forumbezoekers,
Wij overwegen een bosuil aan te schaffen en zijn benieuwd naar de ervaringen en foto's van anderen.
Wij kamperen nu al ruim 15 jaar met een Albatros (tot onze spijt is deze nu echt op) en omdat de kinderen groter worden en een eigen tent (een hele leuke kuifuil) hebben willen wij een stapje kleiner.
Wat zijn jullie ervaringen met een Bosuil? Wij zijn ook erg benieuwd naar ervaringen met het uitritsbaar grondzeil en de leefruimte in de tent. Bij slecht weer moeten we toch nog wel binnen kunnen zitten met onze pubers :D .
Groet, Susan

 Berichttitel: Re: Bosuil ervaringen
BerichtGeplaatst: 15 apr 2024, 10:11 

Geregistreerd: 29 jul 2016, 20:27
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we have a Velduil which also has separate zip for the ground floor.

If you want to use a tent with curved tent poles then I would always recommend to take one with a floor that can be zipped. That is a huge advantage if it comes to setting up the tent. First you install the ground sheet, next you assemble the poles and place them directly on the ground sheet. Next you take the reminaing tent and zip it to the ground floor.

Result: The Poles are already inside the tent. Later on you just elevate the poles in the tent and place them into the right position.


For us the Velduil was perfect when most of our 7 kids were with us. In the liviing room some of our kinds could sleep and we used all that space. Now we expect approx next season that we will have only 3 Kinds with us.

If you need an extremely roomy tent then Velduil and Bosuil which is a bit smaller but still big might be perfect for you. You will have lots of space for your shoulder

Let me come to the disadvantages that we observed:

A. Flexibility: For our next tent we decided to go for the actual version of Stormvogel. Advantage here: It is much more flexible because the tent is smaller on the pitch and easily can be enlarged by the vario luifel. The luifel form Veldiul is much much smaller.

B. Setup Time: I have to be honest: Velduil takes much longer for setup. I am not sure how much faster you are with the Bosuil.

Our Velduil is perfect in rainy situations. Also for kids to play inside or watch a movie before going to sleep - that all is really really good. If you wnat to be more outside it is not as nice as with a Varioluifel and the Stormvogel

From what I understand is that you are going to be in a similar situation as we are, maybe with less Kids. We expect to have only 2 Kids in 3-4 Seasons with us and got prepared for that PLUS for the time to be without kids.

Our solution right now:
Veduil if there are really all of them with us. The same if we go to colder regions (northern part of Europe like northern Germany upwards)

Stormvogel due to the practical vario luifel will be preferred for warmer regions: France etc.

My wife and me we started to have short camping an the spring and autum without kids. Fortunatelly they are big enough to let them allone for few days/week end.

For that we planned the grote bonte specht - However - now we change our opinon cause at spring or autum the wind is stronger and we wat to have more protection from wind. For that now we ordered a Cameleon from Atomatent which is really very nice if it comes to protection from wind (even better if we compare to the Papegaaiduiker)

Finally if the kids are out on their own our plan is as follows (- and we plan that cause de Waard and Atomatent tents are really long living)

Colder regions or for longer stay for 2 persons: Stormvogel with innertent
Warmer regions or for weekends for 2 persons: Cameleon from Atomatent (in nice red colour :-) )

My suggestion to you would be to think about the Stormvogel or if you need more shoulder space then may be the atomatent Armadillo might be perfect for you? I must admit that the 3,2m x 1,6m living room in the stormvogel is not really much - but for 2 persons just enough. In the Armadillo with 3,4m x 1,6 m and 2 instead of 1 central pole (in stormvogel is just 1) I would expect a more roomy living room.

We went in past for the Velduil because we needed really lots of sapce. Now I am happy to reduce and as we like to be more outside of the tent we perfer to have a huge vario luifel. As the pyramide tent is also easier to set up for us that way to go from curved tent to pyramide tent is ahuge advantage.

This season might be even one of the few last seasons for us with the Velduil. Our Kids love that tent and asked me to never sell ;-)

So far we own and have been using that tents:
Velduil (Luifel and innertent)
Stormvogel (Varioluilfe anf innertent)
Grote Bonte Specht and the huge tarp (innertent and the bigger tarp plus sheet for the floor)

We expect to get the Cameleon in May

Most probably, we will sell the Grote Bonte Specht (not very sure yet cause our grown up kids might want to use that).

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